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Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Per-Order - Coming Spring 2020

Turn any grill into smart grill.

Do you love the grill you already have, but can't help envying the new smart grills coming out on the market? This Weber smart grill hub turns any grill into a highly effective smart grill. This little gadget connects to your food with highly sensitive electrodes. Monitor it from your smartphone wherever you go. The Weber Smart Grill Connect isn’t cheap, but it is much less expensive than buying a new smart grill, and it is compatible with any grill.

  • Phone alerts when food needs to be flipped and when it is the right temperature to serve
  • Countdown to food readiness according to both time and temperature so you always know when food is going to be ready
  • Set custom alerts for doneness so your food can be anywhere from rare to well done, depending on your preferences
  • Check your food's doneness, time left, temperature, and check the readiness countdown either on your phone or using the Weber Connect Hub
  • One meat probe and one ambient probe are included, but up to four probes can be attached. Additional probes can be purchased separately
  • Compatible with all grills.

Comes With:

  • 1 Meat probe.
  • 1 Ambient probe included
  • Unit has 4 probe capacity (extra probes sold seperately)
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • WIFI & bluetooth enabled
  • Free IOS & Android app available
  • 9 Segmented LED display
  • Embedded magnet, so you can stick the unit to your grill.

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