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Harley Davidson Balance Bikes for Kids

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Harley Davidson is making electric balance bikes for kids ages 3-7 now. Might as well start making Harley Davidson fans at the early age of 3! The balance bikes are called the 

IRONE12 and the 

IRONE16. They come with a twist throttle, adjustable seat, composite tiers with pneumatic tires and they can go from 5 mph to 11 mph with absolutely no peddles. 

Harley Davidson Balance Bike Features:

  • Lithium Ion Battery good for 30-60 minutes on a full charge
  • Quick adjustable seat height. 
  • Lightweight aluminum frame ( weighs 17-19lbs)
  • Tapered footrest
  • Twist Throttle that will allow speeds from 5-11 mph

What is a balance bike?

A traditional balance bike is basically a bike with no wheels that kids can learn to ride on. The child will kids his feet on the ground to move forward. It's an easy way for children to gain balance and control without having to know how to peddle, whichis much easier after you have mastered the balancing part. 

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