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Smart Grills. What you need to know to be connected even when you grill

  • 5 min read

What is a Smart Grill?

Smart technology is everywhere. Even grilling, the traditional American summer activity, is catching the smart bug. But what exactly is a smart grill? Smart grills allow you to monitor your grill remotely using your smartphone. They also alert you to important information, like when food is done, a burner is out, or it is time to flip the burgers. Some smart grills even allow you to communicate with your grill so you can tell your grill to turn on and off or adjust the temperature remotely.

You may be understandably resistant to losing some of the old-fashioned pleasure of tending meat over a roaring flame. However, when you realize how much easier smart technology makes it for you enjoy your barbecue while producing the best food you've ever cooked over a grill, you will likely agree that smart grills make summer better.

Built-in smart grill technology or add on smart grill control hub?

Do you love the idea of monitoring your grill remotely, but aren't looking to purchase a brand new grill just so you can monitor it with your smartphone? There are products on the market that allow you to monitor temperature, set alarms, and offer other advantages, all using the grill that you already have and love.

You cannot expect an add on smart grill hub to give you control over your grill the way a built-in smart girl can, but if all you want to do is monitor your food and get alerts, a smart grill add on might be just what you need.

What to look for when choosing a smart grill or add-on smart grill control hub

You'll want to keep track of all the things that normally matter to you in a grill, like cooking surface space, the number of burners, accessories like side tables and hooks, and how much space the grill will take up. However, there are a few things you need to take into special consideration when looking for smart grilling technology.

  • Connectivity

    • The entire point of a smart grill is to allow you to step away from the grill and even forget about it while still creating delicious, perfectly cooked food. In order for this to be possible, you need a smart grill with enough range to keep you connected wherever you want to go. Smart grills and smart grill add-on hubs rely on Bluetooth, your home Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi that works from anywhere, or a combination of these. If you want to be able to control your grill from somewhere other than your home, make sure you choose an option with remote Wi-Fi. If you only want flexibility at home, check Bluetooth or home Wi-Fi ranges to be sure that you won't be too far from your grill when you want to go to the other side of your property.
  • Ease-of-use

    • Most apps for smart grills are pretty straightforward. You can see the temperature, cooking times, and when alarms are set. Many grills and add-on hubs also have a digital display at the hub or grill so that you can monitor it directly. Be sure that the smart grill you choose makes it easy for you to control and monitor from your phone or your phone and the grill, depending on your needs.
  • Sensors

    • Smart grills rely on sensors to monitor the ambient temperature inside the grill and the temperature inside your meat. Most of the time, probes are included so that you can stick them directly into your meat to record the internal temperature. Make sure that the smart grill that you choose offers excellent ambient temperature reading and sufficient probes for your needs or the capacity to add on more probes as needed.
  • Price

    • Smart grills are relatively new. Most grills with built-in smart technology are on the higher end of the price range for available grills. On the other hand, you can pick up a smart grill monitoring hub for a fraction of the price. Consider what you want out of the smart technology in your grill to help you decide what you need to spend.

A couple nice smart grills

Traeger Smart Grill

Traeger Smart Grill with Echo Dot

Traeger has been a well-known name in pellet grills for a long time. Their latest creations, the Traeger Pro 575Traeger Pro 780 grills, take grilling to a new level with built-in smart technology. WiFIRE® Technology lets you monitor and adjust your grill from anywhere, at any time, all from your smartphone. 

These grills have also been improved across-the-board. They start faster, heat up quicker, and put out thicker, better smoke. If you’re worried about dealing with smart technology in your grill, you'll appreciate how easy to use this Traeger Smart Grill is.

  • The controller is as easy as starting an oven. All you have to do is choose your temperature and ignite
  • Monitor and adjust your grill from anywhere with WiFIRE® Technology
  • Monitor temperature, set timer, get alerts, and use custom recipe cook cycles, all from your phone
  • Smart technology built-in, so you don't have to worry about connecting anything

Green Mountain Smart Grill

Green Mountain Smart Grill

This Green Mountain Davy Crocket Smart Grill allows you to monitor your grill from anywhere in your home using your own home Wi-Fi network, or go anywhere with the server mode. Stay connected to your food no matter where you go. You can control and monitor your grill and food temperatures, choose and set unique cooking profiles, and set your timers and receive important alerts, all remotely.

  • Set it and forget it technology makes it very easy for you to produce high-quality slow-cooked food
  • Use your home Wi-Fi network when you are around the house or use the server mode to control your grill from anywhere
  • Smart technology is integrated so you don't need to connect anything
  • Custom grilling profiles

Smart grill attachments for your existing grill 

Weber smart grill

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

Do you love the grill you already have, but can't help envying the new smart grills coming out on the market? This Weber smart grill hub turns any grill into a highly effective smart grill. This little gadget connects to your food with highly sensitive electrodes. Monitor it from your smartphone wherever you go. The Weber Smart Grill Connect isn’t cheap, but it is much less expensive than buying a new smart grill, and it is compatible with any grill.

  •  Phone alerts when food needs to be flipped and when it is the right temperature to serve
  • Countdown to food readiness according to both time and temperature so you always know when food is going to be ready
  • Set custom alerts for doneness so your food can be anywhere from rare to well done, depending on your preferences
  • Check your food's doneness, time left, temperature, and check the readiness countdown either on your phone or using the Weber Connect Hub
  • One meat probe and one ambient probe are included, but up to four probes can be attached. Additional probes can be purchased separately

Check out the Weber Connect smart grill


A smart grill can make your summer grilling a much more pleasant and successful experience. If you’ve ever felt the sting of disappointment when you realize that food has cooked faster than you expected or forgotten about the burgers in the midst of a good conversation, you’ll love being able to check the temperature at any time and alerts when food is done or needs flipping. Barbecue may be one of America’s oldest pastimes, but smart grills are proving that grilling can be even better.

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