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5 Things that you never thought your Amazon Alexa would control. This list just keeps get wierder.

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These days, Amazon’s Alexa seems to be just about everywhere you look. The voice-activated virtual assistant has already become a fixture in countless living rooms. Now, Alexa is popping up in all kinds of unexpected places.

There are Alexa integrations for your car and for your television; there’s even an Alexa-integrated smart mirror. You can buy Alexa-enabled headphones and ear plugs, and you can even connect Alexa to your carbon monoxide detector.

If you’re wondering where the Alexa craze is going, you’re not alone! We combed the internet to find some of the most surprising places that Alexa has been popping up. Keep on reading to learn about five things you never thought Alexa would control.

Alexa Supply Shelf

Amazon’s Dash Smart Shelf can keep track of office supplies – like paper, pens, and even coffee cups. The shelf uses a built-in scale so that it can calculate inventory based on weight. Dash then automatically takes steps to replenish supplies when they start to run perilously low.

So, as soon as your office starts to run out of pens, your shelf will put in an order for more. Amazon says the smart shelf could be a game changer in break rooms and supply rooms. It’s not for sale yet, but should be arriving soon.

Alexa Eye Glasses

Amazon’s new Echo Frames are light-weight prescription glasses that come with instant access to Alexa. That’s right – while you’re wearing the Echo Frames you’ll be able to set reminders, add to your to-do lists, listen to podcasts, or change settings to your smart home.

The glasses are crafted with open-ear technology which direct sound straight to your ears; they protect your privacy by minimizing what the people around you can hear. You can also use a built-in VIP Filter to customize just which notifications you’d like to receive from the contacts and apps that you choose.

The Echo Frames also come with a smart microphone which responds to your voice alone. You can easily switch the mic off just by double clicking on a button.

Alexa Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors aren’t just for studying your reflection anymore. Evervue’s new “smarter mirror,” known as Quaio, comes with built-in smart displays that can show you the weather, the news, and other need-to-know information. And of course, the Qaio comes with Alexa.

Just tap on the mirror to activate Alexa, and you’re ready to go. You can have Alexa play you tunes, put on the local news, or connect to other devices in your smart home. The options are almost endless. And of course, the Quaio mirror can also show you your reflection.

Alexa Shower Head

Kohler is bringing smart home functionality to a whole new level by introducing Alexa right into your shower head.

The Alexa Moxie Showerhead includes an Alexa-enabled speaker right in the center of the showerhead. Magnets hold the speaker in place above your head; just speak up and make whatever request comes to mind. Whether you want to hear your favorite song, listen to the traffic report, or even find out who’s at your front door, Alexa is there for you.

The Moxie can hold a charge for five hours at a time. In case you were wondering…it’s also waterproof.

Alexa Controlled Toilet

Kohler’s “intelligent toilet” is everything you ever imagined a toilet could be – and much, much more. This smart toilet is Alexa-enabled, of course. It also comes with built-in speakers, adjustable mood lighting, and a warmed seat.

Kohler says that the new toilet provides an “immersive environment,” and it’s certainly a far cry from your run-of-the-mill bathroom experience. With the automatic Alexa integration, you’ll be able to set playlists, connect to your smart home, and check on the weather effortlessly. What more could you want?

Alexa Toilet

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