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5 Out of the Top 6 Selling Robot Vacuums You’ve Never Heard Of.

  • 4 min read

The robot vacuum. It’s one of those things you imagined—maybe even prayed—that the future would hold, and alas, here it is. Better than flying cars if you ask us, the robot vacuum is going mainstream and it’s more affordable than ever. Going to work and have company coming over later? Turn on the vacuum, and come home to a sparkling floor. Constantly chasing messy kids and food crumb trails? Put the vacuum to work, and focus on more important things. It’s a twenty-first century luxury, and with the average American working about 47 hours a week these days, suffice to say, we’ve earned it.

So, you’ve decided to take the leap. But which do you choose? Roomba put the robot vacuum on the map, but competitors have swung in at full speed, and it pays to know your options. We’ve outlined some of the best robot vacuums on the market below.

iRobot Roomba 675

If you know anything at all about robot vacuums, then you’ve heard of Roomba. The Roomba s9 9550 is the new top of the line robot vacuum at the time of writing this. The 675 is not the newest or the robot vacuum with the most bells and whistles, but it is by far the best selling model right now. Tried and true, the 675 is a sure bet for a reliable, effective automatic floor cleaning device. It boasts a three stage cleaning system complete with dual multi-surface brushes that loosen, pick up, and suck in dirt, dust, hair, and even bigger debris—from both hard surface flooring and carpet. It's got a patented dirt detection sensor that alerts it to work harder in areas with a larger concentration of mess, like high traffic areas or entryways of the house. And of course, it can intelligently navigate around obstacles and beneath furniture. You can connect it to Alexa or Google Assistant to schedule or monitor sessions, but for selecting specific rooms to clean or “keep out zones,” you’ll have to upgrade to a higher-tech model.

Ecovacs Deebot 500

Ecovacs may be less known than iRobot, but it’s certainly climbing fast. At about $75 less than the Roomba 675, the Deebot 500 actually offers 20 minutes more battery life runtime (up to 110 minutes total) and it includes three modes, making it customizable to whatever task you need completed: auto mode for an entire floor, spot mode for cleaning a small area, and edge mode for cleaning the edges of your floor. It connects to a smart app with advanced features like manual control, scheduling, cleaning modes, and accessory status, and it can also be set up to take Google or Alexa voice commands. It comes with all the expected elements of a worthy robo-vac, including protective bumpers, auto-recharge capability, anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, and an auto-return charging capability—plus it exhibits a high efficiency filter and a sizeable, easy-to-dump dustbin.

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim)

With about 8,000 reviews and a 4.5 star average on Amazon, the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S is hardly unknown—and for good reason. This affordable robo-vac (Amazon coupons often available!) was even listed as “Best Robot Vacuums of 2020” on a popular review site. It’s a great device for those on a budget because it’s dependable, quiet, and offers such handy features as auto-recharge and infrared obstacle and anti-drop sensors. It’s also conveniently low profile enough to fit under furniture, reaching spots you can’t clean with a standard upright vacuum. Although it doesn’t allow for app control or Wi-Fi connection, it does have a companion remote control that allows you to schedule cleaning sessions.

Shark IQ R101AE with Self-Empty Base

More than twice the price of most other robo-vacs on the market, this one from Shark has a lot to prove—but it lives up to the price on the tech side. With built-in “IQ Nav,” the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum always knows where it’s been, where to go, and where to resume—even if it’s paused to charge. You can use the connected app (and Google or Alexa) to select specific rooms for it to clean or avoid, or let it run its course through the home on any floor type. It also has helpful added features like a self-cleaning brush roll that removes the dreaded wrapped hair (both humans’ and pets’) as it cleans. And for the ultimate convenience, it even self-empties into a bagless base that holds up to a month’s worth of dirt and debris.


Sleek, slim, quiet, and very well-received, the Goovi 1600PA is a solid routine robot vacuum that offers excellent power for the price, well above most others at 1600PA. At 2.83 inches, it’s ideal for cleaning under low sofas, beds, and other tight areas—and its large wheels allow it to climb over door ledges and clear higher-pile carpets. It doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, but it offers all the other important features like anti-drop sensors, auto-recharge, multiple cleaning modes, and the ability to pre-set cleaning times via remote control.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This the robot vacuum with the funniest name. The Coredy Robot Vacuum is extremely quiet with top-notch battery life (up to 120 minutes), this robot vacuum is an excellent starter machine. At 2.7 inches, it’s one of the slimmest robo-vacs we’ve come across, making it excellent for covering hard-to-reach areas. Controlled by remote (no Wi-Fi compatibility), it’s got five cleaning modes, including spot cleaning, edge cleaning, max-power, single room, and manual to suit all your vacuuming needs—and it features auto-recharge as well as anti-collision and anti-drop sensors to avoid crashes and falls. Effective but simple as is, this vacuum actually offers a variety of separate add-ons for purchase to customize the product to your liking. For example, separately sold boundary strips can be used to keep the device in the rooms you want it, and you can buy a supplemental water tank and cleaning cloth to even wet mop floors.

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